Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lovin' it

Been thru a couple of things these days.

1 - New job. Thou the pay is sucky and being the headcount of some dodgy company worries me, but it's a fresh new start. Thou I am still doing research for malware analysis (Even thou, gaming seems kinda fun) [Aren't you forgetting something? That's been taking up most of your time lately?] Shut up and let me finish.

2 - Screwing my life, resetting my new social circle again. It's true I've met a bunch of females, but something tells me to ditch them all. I did (aaawwweee, but Summer's cute and awesome) yeah, but I gotta let  her go. [You're almost there, dumbass] And that brings me right to the next big thing.

3 - Relationship with someone much stable. Yeah, it's a short affair to begin with. But since we hit it well, with many things in common. Why not? Right? [Even thou it can be fustratin'..] (BUT, these r 'bout to happen right?) Yeah. Just let it go where it needs to go.

Now, communicating with new co-workers just gets better. Even thou one of them left. [Technically he's from another company] But I've learnt the processes from him. [You really think so?] Yeah sure. (I think we're pretty awesome the way we are) Shut up.

So anyway, it's mother's day. Got my mom a little present. Again got shit from my dad. (Why can't he accept the fact that he owes you after all the childhood turmoil?) Nah. Old man's just stubborn.

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