Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doing what I wanna do!

Now, just before quitting my job, I did a couple of things.

#1 Meeting new people, especially females. Ever since she said it's the end of our relationship since I'm looking for a stable one, I've decided, meet up with people for movies and dinner. As usual, meet new people, and disappear. Since they're too bored for me.

#2 New business venture. Now, almost got played out, by someone, I headed towards plan B. Another friend from the previous office. Now we're working on plans to push out 3D printing, but seems like someone else already beaten us to it. But I'll still do it anyway, what's the worse that can happen eh? We'll just head up north and south, even to the Philippines (sounds awesome).

#3 New job. Yup, I've changed my job. More pay, much lesser work (practically close to none). Met this awesome dude, but too bad their contract are over in a couple of months more.

#4 Picked up Diablo 3. Yup, ever since the launch of the expansion, I've decided to pick it up. Spent the entire yesterday, reaching Act 4. Only thing that stands is Diablo himself, and of course, the reaper of soul.

#5 I got myself a new phone for X'mas. Did I mentioned that before? And it's awesome. Except for the WiFi keep restarting my phone issue. Neh... I guess I'll stick to it till my new upgrade eh?

#6 Back on track with family. Getting closer back to family again. What's there need to be said? Had a lil' too much to drink during the Reunion dinner. Yup, that bottle of Sake is fine...

#7 Well, I'll just leave this entry to be empty for now.

Yup, life is great. Gone with the fucked-ups, in with the better ones. That's my philosophy for now. And I can smell a couple of scandals in my new job.