Monday, September 30, 2013

Who am I?

I really start to think continuing this relationship is a big mistake.
So much as "I miss you" before she came back.
The moment she touched down, she's so cold to me as usual. I really think she's just bullshitting me all along. Wasting my time.

Keep challenging me, say NO the moment she knew it's a family dinner together.
No kisses, no hugs, no pleasant words. Just meet for dinner, watch movies, sleep. Feels as if she's taking me for a ride.

Am I still considered as her boyfriend? For real?

Or her friend has been stalking my private information like this blog for instance, and trying to break us up. For what? Just want her to be as miserable as she is.

I know I'm not the best guy around, but at least I bothered to plan steps ahead when it comes to her.

This is really going downhill. I don't know how can I continue to live with this. I can say, in a few months later when she's bad, it's gonna get worse I tell'ya.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And now... About my work

Work has been better. You know, having someone not as knowledgable in technical terms as a leader, really kinda ticks me off. But!!! I've play nice.

Few days ago, he asked for my feedback. I told him that he's too nice to the big asshole, instead of learning to reject him once in a while, unlike his predecessor.
But of course, I couldn't just call him a big loser. It's not even fair to him.

Had a couple of new co-workers, there's this new guy, who is kinda like me, but of course, not as logical and capable of survival skills like me. But I kinda appreciate his enthusiasm thou.
Yeah yeah, I call him something else behind his back, but then again, I kinda understand his background. Reminds me of myself when I was younger.
I started to keep myself in check, show him the ropes and try to guide, and groom him bit by bit.

There's many things about me, being a good and a bad person. But this dude makes me at least try to be nice and patient. I guess I've found a successor after all.

Yeah sometimes, the way he handle things, made me wanna call him a nutjob. But then again, he needs an opportunity to shine. There it is, right off the bat. I'm going easy on him. But starting tomorrow, he'll have to start to fend off the sharks.

I can't be there to help him forever.

One thing I can't stand is, him telling me that I should go for professional certificates. Unlike him, I prefer to really understand things than just to get certificates.

This is the part which I love about my job... uniquely challenging.
Even without attending the courses, I've written 2 guides so far. Even though it's rather basic, but still considered as bread'n'butter for malware analysis in our environment.

Meantime, I'll still try my best to guide him whenever I can. As for the rest, we all have a lot to learn from one another.

Another day

Things were rather smooth for me.

Went out with this girl. A bit on the 'Fat' factor. I don't mind. But anyway, she doesn't seem to be that keen on both occassions.

Met Serina for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Things were great, although I can't really make it for the horror movie date shortly after.

My Ex wants to be together again. Seriously, I'll just wait for that stupid idiot to be back on October, use her to transport my stuff back here, and get back my other stuff. Then, I'll dump her for good. It's either me, or that slut she calls as a friend.

Been paying my mom a visit on a weekly basis for last month. And getting to know this young girl.

This girl, sounds innocent at first, but as days went by, boy! She's one lady with high sex drive, but low in confidence. Now I'm trying to get to know her better. Is she going to end up being my next girlfriend? I have no idea. I'm pretty interested in her other qualities thou. You know, able to make talks and such. Hopefully not to end up like that previous wretch.

I'm dead on serious about Serina, but there's no sparks between the both of us. Everything seems pretty casual, along with her busy schedule, in both work and social, I'm not very sure if I can start to settle down with her.

As for my other ex. Always got time for all sorts of trips, but just no time for me. Celebrate my birthday? My Ass. It's always disappointment year after year. Think I'll keep her around as friends with benefits. Boy I miss her firm boobs.