Friday, December 5, 2014

What the fuck?

There's a few taboo for girlfriends that usually piss guys off. Including mine.

1 - Never ever invade privacy. Drawing a line ever since she started going thru my phone conversations, accusing me of flirting with my own cousin without bothering on finding facts. Now everybody tells me to leave her if she can't respect that.

2 - Bringing up the past. Never dig up the past of previous relationships. Guys just want to move on. You want the past? You won't like what you'll find.

3 - Comparing themselves with other girls. You can't expect guys to treat every girls there same way as they've treated their ex-girlfriends. Not everyone got the chance to meet the family.

4 - Crybabies. Crying don't solve problems, crying with the boyfriend can't change that.

5 - Insecurities. Seriously, if you feel insecure while the guys trust the girls to be independent, you're in for a boat ride. Enough of the girls are emotional bull crap. You want equality. This is what equality is.

6 - Crazies. Basically includes all of the above. That is the number one defacto means of ending a relationship.

7 - Best friend situation. Real friends are those who speak the truth, not what you wanted to hear. If both friends are ugly, obviously they won't be telling the truth to each other.

We all have our limits. But prefer to calm the fuck down, find a way and fix the problem than to cry and go crazy digging up the past.

You can cry all you want, but that doesn't help, and shows your sense of insecurity and inferior complexity. Which comes down to one thing, you're too dependent on people to get things done for you.

People always claim they handled their own problems. With WHAT?! TEARS? that is the stupidest joke of the century. Grow up.

These are all the red flags for me. I have better things to do. I can't attend to all your needs just because you need to. I got other friends, things to be done, things to look out for. If you can't deal with your own shit, see a doctor.

Holding hands. I chose not to because everytime, your clumsy movements made me twisted my ankles. You think its so cute when you held my arms? That's what put me on the bloody wheelchair. Have you even consider other people when walking? Why must it always be beside me? And block the entire door?

Kiss? You hurt my neck. Just because you're short doesn't give you the rights to grab my neck by force.  Also you're heavy.

Boohoo! You're sad because other people screwed up and you can't take the heat for anything. You chose to do it your way, which isn't working. And what gives? You want a nice new year eve, I go look for nice restaurants. Now you want to say I'm not there for you.

I'm done here. Enough of crazies for this year.
I can foresee you won't be joining me in celebrations. Because most likely my friends don't want you around given the way things are going.

Yes, this includes friends in the comic store.

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