Sunday, July 7, 2013


After a dramatic month, I've managed to pay off some bills and shit.
And I find this new girl to be rather.... irritating. You know, showing concern, and stuff like that. I'm not the type of person who will fall for that. I appreciate it at first, but it gets overwhelming, I literally told her to fuck off.
Aaaaand she's gone. My life is quiet once again, and it feels really good.

And now, the previous bitch still refuses to return my stuff back to me.
I remember she told me not to worry, and she WILL return all my stuff to me. That was in March. And back in May, she said the same thing. Now, it's July. Nothing back from that bitch.

Out of boredom, I decided to send her another e-mail again, to remind her.

Yeah I don't wish for her to keep anything that belongs to me. Seriously, if I can't really have her heart, might as well burn it all. She's as good as dead to me really.

Oooo I can't really wait to see her reply. It's gonna hurt deep. But hey, an EX is still an EX. No point being nice to each other after all those shit she's put me thru. I bet she found someone else to leave her legs wide open for.

And now enough about her, me, I met someone else for movie, can't really stand her sacarsm, while I was just trying to be nice, guess I won't be seeing her again.
Another one, but as always, stupid and dump, late as usual, can't stop window shopping as if I'm her fuckin' boyfriend. I'm not her boyfriend, and why would I need to accompany her in shopping? Meh.

As for my other ex, always busy, being nice to every other people, and acts as an asshole towards me.
Neglected me, and only bother to be nice to me, attend to me with the intention of getting a loan from me. This isn't the first time it happens, and if I loan her the money, most probably she'll just be busy all over again, and ignored me. So, consider her gone as well. As for those stupid kitties I've bought? Guess I'll save it for my other agenda.

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