Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another day of WTF

Ooook... Coolest stuff, got to learn something on this spur-of-the moment trip to Kuala Lumpur.
Shit happens, ya'know. Security issues and all.
Good point is, I've got more stuff to learn and pushing my brain cells to finally start working.

Met another of my ex-girlfriend for dinner, and we patched up somehow. She still insists that I'm the only person who bothers to make her smile and stuff.

Anyway, she did sent us off all the way to the boarding stages after all.

Touched down, thought of the worst possible happened. Tried my own way of tracking down those fuckin' bits and found only a couple of exploits on my own. Of course I just said negative. But the truth is very disturbing.
As if I'm not having enough headaches, there comes another competition that decided to play in my porch.
Now I ain't gonna be no skitty-skatty kat friendly on'em.

It was my freakin' third day, aaaand it kinda spoilt my day.
Some bitch'ass boss decided to said I didn't bothered to do a lot of stuff. And the user can claim that I didn't do anything at all.
Now what I did, is just do what I can to meet up to the home-based personals' standards, and put them as priority.
Aaaand that's it. After that, it's just simply adios Brasilia, good luck with that ziggadooo place.

Anyway, I've been reading up on how to use the tools. Getting to analyze the data isn't part of my plan yet. Decided to start doing that next week.

Sometimes, I do love my job to a certain extend.
Piiggla-ganga, bitches!!!

Been trying to learn how to perform memory dump forensics. But I'm still no good at it. I guess it's back to the textbook.
This weekend, I'm slacking my way off.
Just had a little bit of motivation left for a Monday.

Becoming less crazy just isn't my style.
Now I'm feeling real broke. And my allowances still hasn't got approved. Shoulda send'em early once I touched down.
Many things happened, no doubt. BUT!! I still have my contract to worry about.

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