Friday, February 22, 2013

Time to put a stop

Been keeping myself busy with testing of new equipments, finally get things to run in Windows 7. Except for some Windows 8 only features.

A colleague gave me a piece of advice on my personal life. Do not bother with expensive gifts. And also, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

That kinda makes sense... and a few things I don't like, no matter how hard I tried to put up with it and move on..
including, dislike children and old people, and 'friends' who meddle with my relationships, and using the F word on me FIRST!

You see, she's a rather contradicting person. She told me it disgust her that I'm having grudges and being insensitive... then again, I didn't see anything wrong with her pushing old women aside.
As for her friends, did she really give up? I'm wondering. Then again, time to put myself back on the market, seek alternatives as plan B.

She didn't really bother to text me anyway, why should I bother much? Maybe giving my attention to other people seems like a better bet.

Care and concern for her family... All I did was plan to gave my nephew my old iPad, and she was like, why not give it to HER niece?
Some kid I never met before, with an asshole as a mom.

Actually, I started to care lesser each and everyday. I'm trying not to put too much hopes onto this relationship. Maybe he's right, ya know?

A month ago, I would have bought her that Note 2 phone. Now? After all those insults from her friend? Nope. I'm keeping my wallet deep down in my pocket.

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