Friday, February 8, 2013

Really want to go back

Had an earful of lecture last night, was glad that she called... i know I should have given more space to breath...

Last night, my heart sank when I realized that she's having a severe heartache.
She's all alone over there suffering while I'm nitpicking over every small details.
I should have treated her right.

I wish I can spend time with her...
I want to spend my holidays with her but it seems impossible.

What else can I do but to watch her going back while there's nothing I can do...

I doubt I will even have the chance to even see her off.

What are the chances of me being able to rebuild this relationship? I'm lost.. really.

Trying not to pass on my medication and try to recover.

Meantime, treasure every moments I can salvage. Be someone better for her. This is all I wish to focus on besides work

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