Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I was pondering. I met her for dinner. But she doesn't seem interested. She's rather quiet than before.
And I noticed her finishing half a pack of cigarettes which she received from her uncle yesterday.
I tried asking if there's anything bothering her. She said No.

I can feel a greater distance between us. How can I make her feel better?

I know she asked if my mom is cooking dinner. Then backed out since its too far. I'm not sure if anything happened between us or did she thought of something.

The only time I go her attention is told her that Sally called. Now I'm not keen in contacting Sally.
Now here's the story. 2009, she chose the other guy. 2011, she did it again. And now she called be because she has nobody to talk to.
I just had to break all contacts with her ever since.
Now I'm not keen in her condition, so I just told her I'm happily attached, wished her luck and I am busy right now, then I hung up.

Anyway, people have been telling me not to pin all hopes on her, telling me to look for others. Honestly, that sickens me. ALOT!!

She does has her merits too. Ya' know.

I can't help but to isolate myself from them.
You don't give advices for matters of the heart if you don't consider how both parties feel.

I just want to focus on my job today and spend time with her.
I appreciate the fact that she has been patient with me. I am who I am, even thou I want to be a better person for her.
Its not use telling a person who has nothing, to work for himself, he who has nothing has no MOTIVATION!!
Don't they just get it?
I'm done for the night. I am going to spend some time with her.

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