Sunday, February 3, 2013

Losing it

I'm mentally unstable, since I can't control my emotion.
What sickens me is the fact that my own girlfriend started deleting my contact in WeChat, blocked me in Line.
Why? Beats me. It all started when she posted our photo together saying she will always remember the moments we had. Days later, BAM! I see 0 posts.

Not only that, I only caught a glimpse of her uploaded photos before I'm blocked again. No replies, no calls, nothing.
Of course I'm mad. Who won't?
Then, my anger took the better of me.
What else, I guess she wanted to break up with me without my knowledge.

I don't wish to say much when I drop her stuff at her mom's.
I have no mood to say much. Overall, I was really disappointed in this relationship ending up to be in this sorry state.
What had I done? I tried to talk to her. But my anger from my life holds me back. I don't wish to sound offensive to her.
Nightmares of her having an affair just like those before her kept coming up. Why? I don't know.
I can't get any work done today, I just can't get my mind off her and what happened recently.

I know I appear cold to her, but that's because I have no wish to hurt her with my words.
Friends I know aren't reliable when it comes to listening, only make up sarcasms telling me that there are other fishes out in the sea.
The truth is, I just want THIS fish!! I just want to settle down with her.

I know I've mentioned before that I'm gonna be going for sterilizing but then again, I changed my mind. Why? Because it puts a frown on her face.
Everyday I look forward towards this day. THIS DAY!!
I want to fetch her from the airport. But she rejected my intentions, next thing is, I was ignored.

I even tried to find those movies she wanted to watch and try to make the best out of the remaining budget I have to make her happy. But now look what have I DONE??!!

Do I really love her? HELL YEAH!! No one motivates me like how she did. Her smile, laughter, how sweet she is while holding my hands, trying not to let go. Constant reassuring me that I will never be left alone.
I want all these moments back!!! I want it to be forever.

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